Saturday Morning Coffee

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We had flakes of snow yesterday. It didn’t last long but it’s a sign to soak up what sunshine we get and prepare for the snow. My husband saw the Dark Eyed Juncos or snowbirds have returned. We usually feed the birds in the winter and our feeder needs to go up. Leaf color around here is approaching peak colors and the trees literally are glowing their bright colors when the sun shines.

I have a mountain of laundry to fold as well. How does that happen I don’t know. I feel like I am going to be folding forever today and putting clothes away. I am making this my top priority. I am loving that my top priority is folding laundry and watching football today. No pressing chores and a very open/loose schedule for the weekend. A true relaxing couple of days.

I have decided to join the people who make tiny pillows. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I do love miniatures. I realized I have enough granny squares from the Great Granny along to make eight tiny pillows that will be about 3.5 inches square. I have all the inner pillows sewn and stuffed. Now to crochet the squares together in the style of Lori Holt, see above tutorial. I want to display a bowl of these adorable little pillows, I know I have a million bowls in this house that would work, lol. I am also making some tiny pillows from my Halloween stitches to put on my tired tray. I am also finishing up my 6 remaining pumpkins softies that my friend shared the pattern with me in Missouri Star’s Block magazine/booklet. Those finishes should be featured next week if I keep on task and I will also blog about them on Our Creative Souls.

I finished a long arm quilt then after a week I finally decided to load my bats and boos quilt top from last year, a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop. I really need to get it done and bound by Halloween because it has been my goal since last year to have it on display Halloween 2022. Speaking of binding, the worst thing happened to me. A baby shower I was supposed to go to on Nov 12 has been moved up to Oct 21. I don’t have that quilt bound either. I need to get cracking on it, first world quilter problems!

I have loads of ideas for handmade Christmas presents and I need to narrow the ideas down to projects that are things I can do before Christmas. I mean it is really not that far away and I need to get started.

I have found this to be my biggest problem since I have had Covid and now long Covid. I have lots of ideas, but I am not able to organize the ideas into a workable plan as well as I used to. I have needed to follow patterns and tutorials closely to make things. I have limited amount of brain power and sewing stamina to make things currently vs what I used to. It feels like it is getting better and coming back to me, but it isn’t where it was a year ago. That’s ok but I am finding that starting is the hardest thing and just a little bit frustrating. Trying to find the fabrics, the right pattern and then cutting it out can be overwhelming. Same with long arming. Once I get going on the project it is like things start to get rolling and I can finish. As in life, just getting started is the hardest part.

Have a great weekend, I am off to find a tutorial to get some Christmas sewing starting .


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  1. Hi! I’m just working my way through your podcasts and got to the bit where you’re enjoying watching Gardeners World with Monty Don – just thought I’d let you know that if you’re interested and don’t already follow him on Instagram (themontydon), he just got a new puppy and is posting all kinds of cute footage! (he does normally do gardening stuff, lol)

    I’m loving your podcasts (and also the blog) – my husband has a lot of contact with work colleagues based in Michigan (he is based in Wales in the UK) so I’m extra-interested in hearing about all things MI since we’ve never visited (yet… I should say yet!)


    • Oh how I love Monty and his puppy! I follow him on fb and I think I will start on Instagram. His gardens are so inspiring.

      Wales is a place on my list of places to visit! I do have some ancestors who were from Wales, too. I think learning about the cultures of my ancestors is how I was curious about quilts and wanting to make them!

      Michigan is a large and varied state. There are places in the Upper Peninsula that i have never been to because it is a 6 hour drive from my house which is 4 hours north of metro Detroit! We have beautiful landscapes and rugged places that are very unpopulated to farming communities to industrial centers. I hope one day you can visit our state but summer is best weather lol!


  2. I understand, when I can’t get things done early it usually costs me so much more in money, time and stress!!

    I found a fun quick craft small gift for Christmas and then try to sew some gift bags to put them in. And you are right I should have a plan b.

    I keep having to remember to pace myself because this isn’t a race!!


  3. That happened to me with a baby shower too and I ended up paying dearly for the expedited quilting. I think I can claim that baby as a dependent this year 😂.
    Don’t expect too much from yourself this year while you are still recovering! Maybe have 2 lists! Plan A for homemade, plan B for store bought ideas or make cute gift certificates for promised gifts to be mailed. Getting your Bats and Boos quilt done though would probably make you feel pretty good!
    I’m working on a housewarming quilt for my son & DIL. Have to get it done today for the longarmer to have it done-NO to anymore last minute costs!
    Have a lovely relaxing day and good luck on that laundry!


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