Saturday Morning Coffee

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Only in Michigan does it snow for 4 days in a row, and then yesterday turn to be sunny and 70. Supposed to be 70 all weekend. I am not complaining about that! I can feel the stretches of dark days setting in, I crave the sun. Its dark by 630 now and the daylight hour are short. I find myself a little more tired and not getting quite as much done without a lot of motivation. Seasonal lamps and bright lights help but it isn’t the same as a great sunny afternoon.

I live in a rural area. When I need to see specific specialty doctors, I have to travel. I needed an annual wellness appointment at a specialty provider not my Primary care or one of his nurse practitioners. Thursday morning was my appointment, and my husband took the day off from work to drive me the 72 miles over. There was a terrible construction zone that we knew of and of course, it was snowing the morning of the appointment.

While in this town, after getting lunch at Chik Fila because we don’t have that at home, the sun came out. The foliage was in peak color vs at home. We took an afternoon tour of the countryside, saw Lake Michigan, took pictures of the lighthouse, Fish Town, looked for fossils on a beach and soaked up the sun shining through all of the leaves making the world glow in the beautiful autumnal colors. Almost felt like we were kids skipping school but now we are adults and can take a day off mid-week! Maybe this is what retirees do, tour all the popular spots midweek and the places we visited weren’t packed! We finished the tour just in time to beat most of the rush hour traffic to get home just in time for supper.


a beautiful fall day on Lake Michigan! #puremichigan #lake

♬ Paradise – Ikson

If you click on the videos, you can see the TikToks I made. Some of my favorite photos are on the Instagram link and you can click on it and swipe to see all the pictures. I had such a great time. I walked 4000 steps and I felt so good. I didn’t have the post exercise exhaustion that I have been getting. I felt encouraged that overall, I am getting stronger and healing from Long Covid.

I am expecting to start my Sewcialites2 quilt along this weekend with Fat Quarter Shop. I haven’t been this excited to sew in a very long time. I finished the Christmastime Mystery quilt and now I have the sewing bug. I have my bats and boos quilt nearly quilted. I bound my traffic jam quilt and gave it to a coworker during her baby shower. I have started a cross stitch Christmas project and plan to start a little fall one today.

I feel like I am getting more of my creative brain back. It is going to take a year to make strides on recovery and rehabilitation for me according to my doctor. I am very happy to get some of my energy back and cognitive abilities to be able to do what I need to do plus a little of what I like to do each day.


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