Saturday Morning Cofee

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The bird feeders have been set up for the winter. I have enjoyed many birds coming back to it already. I have seen Blue Jays, black capped chickadees, white crowned sparrow, purple finches, Mourning doves, Dark eyed juncos, nuthatch, house sparrows, grackles, a northern Flicker woodpecker and the squirrels. I hope to see even more birds come to the feeders over the next several months. I enjoy it very much and it has been a hive of activity, more so than years past. We take it down in the summer because we have forage in the garden and the squirrels just eat too much!

I have been really happy with our nature drives. We have seen an elk herd and last night we saw 17 in on place! I was able to capture a few nice photos. The daylight isn’t long, so I took a couple of tiny moon shots. We won’t be able to go into the woods much over the next couple of months because of hunting season so we are enjoying it while we can! Here is one of my favorite pictures from last night.

It’s Halloween weekend. I have my pumpkin decor out and fall wreaths. We haven’t passed out candy for a few years. We didn’t get to an apple farm this fall because I have not been up to it. I am planning an at home party for the Michigan vs Michigan State football game tonight for my husband and me. Next weekend we are going to a college football game, and I am hoping for good weather.

I am happy that I got the binding on my bats and boos quilt. The hand stitching is halfway done.I loaded a quilt on the long arm and did a row this week. I worked on my fall cross stitch freebie. I sewed Sewcialites2 first block. It is all a like learning to read patterns all over again. I am finding reading is still hard for me. I got a little befuddled with reading patterns and trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. I just had to go very slow and ripped a few stitches out both in the sewing and cross stitching, but I am very pleased with the progress I have made. I plan to work on the next block in the quilt along. I feel that all of this crafting is getting my brain back in working order, it’s my long Covid rehab!

Something new has happened with me this week. It happened to my niece several months after she had Covid, also. My skin is red, swollen and itchy all over. I thought it was makeup. It didn’t help so I have stopped wearing any makeup. I am using Aquaphor anti itching cream, hydrocortisone cream and looking for something to wash my skin with that doesn’t burn it. I am really feeling self-conscious about no makeup however, I have been saving lots of time each morning. I am sure this will improve but my niece has been dealing with it, multiple drs and creams for months. I am going to shop for micellar water to cleanse my face with and hopefully this passes soon. Long Covid is the gift that keeps on giving. Anyone have any recommendations for creams or cleansers? I see there are a million options on Amazon.

I think I want to do a no seeing my face You Tube video. I have seen others do it and I am thinking that may be my filming style since putting products on my face and hair is a no go at this time. I am liking the idea because it will take way less time to prepare for shooting the video!

This week’s progress and positivity note. I have been able to walk about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile over the course of a day with 10 to 12 min of it being constant walking. I am very pleased with that. I hope to add a few more exercises this week. Baby steps is really what it is all about and I am celebrating all the small wins!

Have a great week!



  1. Your nature drives seem to end with tail end of fall colors but you sure seem to squeeze out every beautiful minute! I’m still amazed how much you get done. It sure keeps me inspired to keep at it. I hope your skin condition clears up soon. I had a strange inflammation and extremely dry skin problem and tried several things. The brand that I found finally works for me is Cetaphil. It’s not so expensive that you can’t give it a try. Hang in there! You can be the reluctant long Covid educator like Pat Sloan was with her double broken wrists and later basal cell skin cancer! Valuable insight!


    • Thank you! I will look for that brand when I go to the store next!
      It’s getting better and I am hoping I don’t get anymore things happen! I am surprised I am getting anything done myself and I need to be content with that. I appreciate your comment!


  2. Thanks we love looking for the wildlife and getting a good photo of. I am having a lot if fun going thru my stash and making the Sampler ! I like if I have any problems I can go watch the video by fat quarter shop for support! I think this quilt will look good in Christmas fabics!


  3. Love your elk pictures. Sorry to here about your skin condition. May join the block sew along andvhave a idea to use some of my Christmas material. Need to go on my computer to print the material.


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