Saturday Morning Coffee

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Saturday morning coffee is posting a day early this week. I was out of town last weekend, and I have a great time at a college football game. I had worried all week that I was not going to be able to keep up and then be in bed all week after. I was wrong. I was able to sit through the game in wind and rain, but we had rain gear. The weather was unseasonably warm. It was a great day our Team is still #1 in their division. We took our son and his wife to the game and we all hadn’t been in a few years. It felt so good to get out, be with loved ones and then have time to visit. We also went to church with our Son on Sunday and that was great, too. I wasn’t more tired than I am on a usual week! I am quite pleased with the progress!

However, the weekend ended with a bit of sadness. We hit a deer on the way home. No one was hurt. The car wasn’t damaged beyond repair. We take the car in the shop today so they can give a full assessment and then order parts. Let’s hope that they don’t take too long to come in! And guess what, we just changed insurance companies after 25 years. However, it seems to be a very good change and upgrade. So far, there isn’t much cost for us, and we have car rental if needed. Honestly, this is the first deer my husband had ever hit since he started driving 40 years ago! Living in deer country that’s a great record!

I have been keeping up on Sewcialites2 and today the fourth block comes out. I have felt that I am relearning all about sewing each week. It is great exercise for my brain and remembering how to quilt. I am getting better at it each week. I am also having fun looking at my stash and picking fabrics. I haven’t been this excited about sewing in such a long time!

Drumroll please! I framed my cross stitch along! I have never done this before, and I am thrilled with how it turned out. I picked up cross stitch this summer while recuperating from Covid and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out! I have another cross stitch finish I am working on, but I need to find some supplies this weekend. It feels like it is all coming back. My creative mojo is coming back, and I have been excited.


a fully finished cross stitch! I framed it myself #crossstitch #fullyfinished #diy

♬ MOMENTS IN LIFE – Turreekk

I have been improving from my Long Covid symptoms so much this week with more finishes, more steps each day and back to feeling like I can do things, go places and have fun. We hope to get tickets for a regional hockey game tomorrow. I am very excited and looking forward to it. I have a long weekend off from work and plan to chill, do a little crafting and enjoy. Then we are having family Thanksgiving with my family next weekend. I can’t believe that is here already!

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. You are throwing me off with the Friday post! But I’m glad it’s because you will be busy having fun. It’s wonderful news you are feeling better! And the framed cross stitch piece turned out fabulous! I’m off to visit my son and daughter-in-law next week am hoping I can finally finish mine. And looks like I will be finishing the quilt binding on the quilt I made for them on the pane!🤪. That’s how I roll while work is insanely busy. Enjoy all your November plans and I hope the car doesn’t take too long for repairs to be done. Have them install a force field to keep the deer away!


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