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I know its afternoon but that’s ok! We went to a concert at a casino near our house last night and then we went to Costco on the way home. It was really fun to see two bands from my youth. The band members of the groups are in their 60’s and some in their 70’s now and I have to tip my hat to them. Its somethings to aspire to, honestly, to be able to do anything close to that in a decade’s time! It takes a lot fitness, ability and stamina to do. I hope to be able to at least go to concerts and be independent, lols! Here is a little clip of something unexpected, I went to listen to two rock bands and there was a jazz segment in one! As a kid who played bass in high school jazz band, I was enchanted!


went to a loverboy concert and a little jazz broke out! loved it #concert #loverboy

♬ original sound – vholloway12345

I must say I was sick with a bronchitis this week. I took a day off. I felt well enough to pace myself and do a little crafting. I made my Sewcialites2 blocks! I made a Christmas wreath that I bought the supplies a month ago as well as load and start long arming a quilt. It feels really good to be able to make things. I have had time to watch tutorials and YouTube videos that have helped me get inspired. I have also started a slow roll of getting my Christmas decorations out and my tabletop tree will get set up and decorated this next week. Hygge season!

I have to say I was struggling to explain what was happening in my mind and body while I was sick with covid last summer. The long Covid issues are finally starting to improve but I had a startling revelation when I read the article I linked above. I had no mind’s eye anymore. I kept telling my doctor my head felt empty, more than foggy and only glimpses of what I knew could be accessible sometimes. I struggled with learning new things. But the biggest barrier to doing much of what I loved was a struggle, and until the article came across one of my feeds, I didn’t have insight into what the real problem was. In fact, until this last week, I couldn’t imagine what my Sewcialites2 quilt block will look like in the setting with the colors I have pulled and auditioning still.

I knew my husband had purchased me a new grey car. I knew that in my mind, but I can’t picture what it looks like. I am starting to be able to see parts of it now but not the whole car. I can see things I have as memories but there are some things that I cannot so photos are so important to help “jog” my memory. In fact, writing a blog makes you need an imagination and that was hard! Now before you start thinking this sounds bleak, it isn’t because I know what it is and it’s getting better. Like taste and smell, it improves in flashes.

The exciting part now is I am able to try to rehab this too. I am doing little exercises to picture things in my mind and pick up Zentangle again. It is something I don’t have to learn but it helps spark the mind’s ability to see it as well help with mindfulness and relaxation. I am also continuing to blog and podcast which helps me. Thanks for sticking with me because as I read what I wrote over the last couple of months, I think it wasn’t my “best work”, lols.

Overall, it’s been a really good week. I am enjoying getting out more and not missing the opportunity to do so while I can. I got a cold, but I think I was exposed at work. It’s the first one since I had Covid, and I am getting better. I have been able to make and create. Now to start to plan what I want to quilt next year. What do I want to cross stitch? How am I going to keep track of it all? I am also joining the 21-day jump start to clean up my crafty space with Just Get it done quilts.

Enjoy your day, I think I need an afternoon tea break now,


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  1. That was a very interesting article on the loss of imagery. I’m sure the researchers will be learning more as time goes on. It’s a good thing you have so much mental stimulation in your life to keep you going even when your brain wasn’t fully cooperating! I’m glad you continue to feel better and are having so much fun!


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