Saturday Morning Coffee

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December is here. It is the time for college football playoffs, hockey games and watching movies. I don’t usually get all of my Christmas decorations up until mid-month. I have been doing a little stitching, a little shopping for gift giving and overall, just trying to get through the snow that has fallen. As is typical for this time of the year, the weather is vacillating between very snowy and cold to warm and sunny. The day light hours are getting to their shortest hours and that is when the wind and snow seem their worst. The sun is just rising as I go to work at 815 in the morning and it is usually set by the time I leave to go home. This is the hygge season and I am getting the comfy cozy things out. Quilts, candles, fairy lights and lots of tea to sip when I am cold and tired.

This week was a wonderfully slow week all around. I was inspired by watching a Lori Holt tutorial on making a quilt block from her book. I felt like I needed and WANTED to get sewing and long arming for the first time in a long time. I really want her book Scrappiness is Happiness and I think I will pick it up after the holidays. All of her quilts are great scrap busters.

I have been thinking about what quilts I want to make for me, and I want to make and donate to a homeless outreach center. I just saw a lovely Christmas star pattern on Quiltfiction and I am making at least one of those. I am keeping up with Sewcialites2 with Fat Quarter shop. I feel like I am really getting my quilt mojo back 6 months post Covid.

I have some plans for this month. We are going to a U of M football game today in Indianapolis, so we are making a weekend of it. Next weekend is a concert to attend with Loverboy and Night Ranger. These are bands from my youth. Overall, nothing really set for the holidays except a little time off. I am sure we will get our visits in with the family, but those dates aren’t set.

December is a nice month to break up the darkest days of the year due to lack of daylight and the coldest part of winter settling in. Its the perfect time of year to be quilting and longarming. I have a renewed excitement in making and I want to start Zentangling this month to help spark creativity in general and for longarming. It is a great relaxation activity.

Have a great weekend,


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