Saturday Morning Coffee

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It has been frigidly cold this week. I am look forward to warmer weather and no below 0 f temps.Forecast says 40 degress!!

I am packing my overnight bag this morning and going to see a car show today then dinner with our son and his wife. I am excited to get out of town and it is supposed to be warmer. I think it will be a great trip.

I was able to record a podcast and you Tube video. I am still slowly working on setting up the sewing room and organizing it. I think that I should have that part finished this month and then move to the storage area of my crafting things and organize that space. I do love having the room set up as a place to sew and be clear of all the clutter as well as the large ironing board that took up so much space!

I am really looking at the rest of the house and getting inspired to get it all sorted out and deep cleaned by spring. I have been doing the bare minimum in that department because that was all I could do. Now it is time to get going with flylady and get it done. By spring, I will be ready to move my energies to the garden and I want the house to be in good shape to just do the daily missions and weekly power hour of the once over in the house.

February is a short month but I am embracing the theme of my journal this month. Passion. What am I passionate about? What do I want to do to help me spend time pursuing those things that I am passionate about? I think the key is getting my routines back and tackling things 15 min at a time.

I am off to get my coffee and zip the suitcase shut. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Your enthusiasm is infectious! I needed a push to finish setting up my sewing room at my new place and this really helps. Doing little bits at a time is the best way to go. I hope you are having a great weekend getaway and get those warmer temps this week! 🥶


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