Saturday Morning Coffee

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What a wild and strange week I had! Full moon was last Sunday night which brings strange things in my world. The weather was warmer than usual and sunny. I was basking in the sun and enjoying every minute of it. I was lulled into maybe we really would have warmer than normal temperatures this month and I was thinking about my garden. That all came to an abrupt change in the weather Thursday when we received 6 inches of snow and it returned to seasonal temperatures.

That wild ride of weather did give the week an odd vibe. Warm weather meant more people in the office, and it was bustling then the week ended with very few people other than me, lots of work from home and not many clients could get out. I was spending much of the end of the week doing meetings, paperwork and audits. Such boring stuff.

The roller coaster is typical of this time of year. The weather has wild swings back and forth with a touch of sinus and ear pressure. The lack of sun starts to take its toll on one’s mood and I feel directly tied to the weather. I mean who doesn’t feel better on warm sunny days? Then the disappointment that it was over with a big snow, wind and days of grey again. I have been working on counteracting the weather’s direct tie on me with exercise, using meditation and guided imagery as well as trying to work on my projects to focus on fun and positive things. It sure helps. Long winters can have brutal weather, but they can also bring on cabin fever or the longing for spring, sunshine, and getting out.

It is a very cold and blustery 16 degrees this morning. I am seeing the grey sky turn light and a bright and glorious sun is rising. It warms my heart even if the day stays very cold. I am going to pick up where I left off yesterday by longarming an all over pattern on the next 3 quilts. I am going to sew the Sew Scrappy Spools blocks. I want to finish getting the sewing room set up the way I want and begin organizing it. I think that project is nearly done in phase 1 the sewing room itself. Next will be to tackle the storage area where I put the things that I don’t want in the sewing room– The front porch. It will need to be reduced to what I want to keep and make some organization of what is out there being stored.

I had a lovely evening out with my husband last night. We went to a local restaurant that specializes in German foods and beer. I had a lovely meal. We like to eat out on Fridays when we aren’t traveling, and I enjoy not having to cook. We hear that the owner is going to open another restaurant soon and I am loving that we have some choices of great restaurants. Problem is usually I have to enjoy them in the off season of tourism because you can’t touch them in the summer.

We don’t usually do Valentine’s Day because our anniversary is the 15th. We were married in 1986. A couple of years ago now!!

Nearly forgot the big game is tomorrow, I need to add snacks to my grocery list!

Have a great week!



  1. My family in Missouri says “ if you don’t like the weather today, just wait till tomorrow “. Always changing! I like that much better than my summers here which are typically just hot or hotter for at least 4 straight months. But we have had beautiful days here and the hillsides are emerald green starting to bloom full of wildflowers. The drought has robbed us of that visual feast for a few years. That’s great you keep progressing on your goals and having some fun in the meantime. Happy (a little early) Anniversary!!


    • Thanks so much! It’s wild to think we have been married so long!!

      Hillsides of wildflowers would be beautiful to see!! I am planning my garden and everyone I know that gardens is starting seeds. I will buy started flowers in spring if I decide I need more!


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    The weather is cold and sunny here but the cold isn’t supposed to last long. I need to do taxes for family today, then run a couple of errands then settle in at home. Maybe some sewing or cleaning in my sewing room.
    We have a chicken/artichoke/spinach instant pot recipe to try for tonight’s dinner.
    Just a slice of my Saturday. Hope you have a great one also!


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