Saturday Morning Coffee

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We saw sun this week and we saw snow; it’s going to be a bit of a weather roller coaster still spring. I am happy to see the sun and blue sky! My houseplants are starting to look better with the additional sun. I was able to move them to a West window with a little warmer room. So far, I have lost 2 plants this winter which is pretty typical for me. My sister has some lighting she is going to give me to see if I can break that trend next winter. I am starting to think about my garden and what I would like to do with it. I have some seeds and hope to directly sew them in the spring. Honestly, it is way too early to be obsessed by gardening but it is fun to dream.

I had time to quilt two baby quilts this week. I am happy I got them done. I have been able to stand longer at the quilt frame. It’s been an incredibly slow process with my health to get to this point over the past several months. I have several quilts to do, and I feel like they will get done before long because they have been here for months!

What’s been on my mind has been other aspects of my health. I was not feeling well enough to do a hard gym work out because I had a ear infection. Once I was feeling better, I chose to do some senior workouts on Yes2Next YouTube channel. I really started looking at my diet because I knew it was too much and too many carbs and snacks. I chose lower carb choices for next week’s Home Chef meals too. When I go to the store, I am going to be more careful about lunch and snacks. I don’t have many answers, but I am going to try doing different things. My body has had so much inflammation in it for so long that I need to really be stricter with diet. Results? I did lose a couple of pounds this week and my sugars are a little bit better.

Next week is QuiltCon. I had planned to go a year ago. However, since I have been dealing with long Covid my body isn’t ready for that type of trip, all the walking and stress. I am really experiencing both relief that I made the decision because I would have been quite miserable, yet I have that nagging sensation that I am really going to miss out on seeing wonderful quilts and wonderful people. I will be stalking social media to see what’s happening in Atlanta. I decided to try doing a smaller version of attending a large quilt show in September by spending the night and travel. It is AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids. I am really looking forward to the class and lecture schedule. The beauty of this show is I can drive there. I can stay close to the show and return to my hotel when needed. I also have time to keep working on my strength and health to achieve this goal.

I am going to do the final sort, set up and moving things out of the sewing room. I have the room done in about 6 weeks which I can’t believe! I will finish the clean up on the porch when it warms up a little bit. Overall, it feels great to have my own sewing room and its a easy to move about in as well as create! I feel this momentum to tackle a few other trouble spots in the house ! The spring cleaning will be so much easier because I have had much of the spaces cleared and organized so cleaning will be easier!

Since this is a long holiday weekend for me, watch for a podcast and new YouTube video. I am planning on posting them late Monday or Tuesday.


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  1. You really have made so much improvement! Celebrate your successes and keep at it. You know already that is what works best for you. Losing 2 plants isn’t bad at all! Plus, it will be fun to go shop for a few replacements, right?
    I know what you mean about the quilt show. I was totally planning on going to the Road to California quilt show last month. An easy drive for me! But with my move and still a little Covid hesitancy, I decided to hold off for another year. Plenty for me to do at home today still setting up the sewing room. Looking forward to the podcast!😊


    • Thanks! I have had to learn to listen to my body and I still have a ways to go before I can do several days of a quilt show and classes. I am getting excited about some new houseplants and want to make this west facing room a houseplant paradise ! I have musical instruments in there so it would be a lovely space. I am finishing up the sewing room and I am looking forward to using it.


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