Saturday Morning Coffee

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I have been on vacation this past week and this mornings’s coffee was on the road. We traveled to see our family and grandkids in Virginia. We went to places we haven’t been to before and had great fun with the kids.

I will talk more about our adventures in the podcast later this week and I have posted a few pictures on Instagram for those interested šŸ˜€

There is nothing like a road trip. The slow journey allows me to see all the details of each place we saw. Many places on the roads less traveled. Some intentional some due to road closures, all part of a great story.

Road trips give us time, something that I enjoy, for slower living. Eating local foods, longer conversations and listening to podcasts or radio stations on Sirius we don’t have time for otherwise. I also did a little hand stitching.

However, the last leg of the trip from the Ohio turnpike thru Michigan to home can be long. A day of driving in fact. So I am thinking about the list of things to do before going back to work, laundry to be done and what I need from the grocery store until Home Chef delivers. I want to sew the last 2 Sewcialites2 blocks tomorrow. I think i will start googling resturants near me because I am getting hungry!

Getting away is always nice but it’s time to get back home.


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