Saturday Morning Coffee

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We had a Friday night date night drive into the wilderness area. We saw so much wildlife! The leaves are just starting to bud here. The little lakes and rivers are flowing and clear. We saw loon pairs swimming, birds of prey, deer, turkey and yes all the elk! 70 of them in one place. My husband was able to fly his drone and he got some great shots all night. He is just learning to fly this drone and I hope to be able to use some footage on my YouTube channel one day!

The work week dragged on and on and on and on. I had more than my usual share of meetings vs patient care which doesn’t help. I counterbalanced that with making sure I did some sewing and quilting at home. I made a few decisions on what I want for the Sewcialites 2 setting (a spool), what I will talk about on my next podcast and video. I have to say it felt good to finally be able to make some of the decisions because that was a huge problem a few months ago for me due to Long Covid. I think the rehab program I have made for myself is working. I feel great and I have a creative bug to make things again including trying some new things.

I was looking at my garden last night and I feel so much like it right now. There is new growth started. The plants that I thought didn’t make it look like they are stronger than ever. The excitement that comes in spring with seeing it come alive never gets old. I feel that way too. Like my brain is waking up after a long winter and there is so much to do this spring. Now I need to get some new fairy garden items , scrub the weeds from the stone patio and get the lawn chairs out of storage so I can enjoy the warmer days sitting outside. We have a canopy that we want to put up so we don’t get too much sun sitting outside drinking coffee and meditating on all the good things.

Today’s reality is that I have a few chores to do, blocks to sew, a quilt to press and load. It’s going to rain so a day inside is in order. I am looking forward to some creative rest today.


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  1. Beautiful photos Vicki! I agree about spring time; how enjoyable it is to see all the greenery wake up from a long winters’ nap. I love the sight of the patio furniture back in place also.


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