Saturday Morning Coffee

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Is there anything more wonderful than the smell of a newly opened can of coffee? I took a deep breath of it as I measured out the one and a half tablespoons into the french press. I am slowly getting more and more of my ability to smell back and that was wonderful this moring because I don’t open a new can every day and I always look forward to it , and today I looked forward to it probably a little too much.

I have worked hard and rested this week. There was a little sewing and some hand stitching but overall this week I was tired and I had some tightness in my lungs from the damp weather. I watched shows, documentaries and was just a little frustrated that I wasn’t up to exercising. There was no pushing myself. I think the thing that started the spiral was a stressful meeting that I had to drive 45 minute to and 45 minutes home. I ride in the car but I don’t drive that far that often and it made me feel carsick. I have learned this happens but this week I was a wee bit frustrated because I had big exercise plans. I had lots of long arming planned early in the morning and late at night. I had spring cleaning ideas, sew for hours after work and do all the laundry, cook intricate meals.

I decided to stop. Once I sat still I realized I was having a small relapse of Long Covid. I had to assess what I was able to do. In a slow a steady way, I got meals, laundry and stitching done. I worked a full week and I sewed a block or two. I even took a nap on a lunch break. I started subscribing to headspace and love it. Mindfulness and meditation are wonderful and I recommend it!!

I had a lovely week. I spent time doing things I love at a realistic pace. I decided spring cleaning can wait until spring because its snowed a bit in the mornings and rained much of the days. I had a sunny afternoon a couple of times which was fantastic. I am very excited today because I am going for a day trip to see our son and all the tulips are starting to bloom in Holland, Mi where he lives.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. I don’t like driving long distances either due to the stress! Here in So Cal, everyone drives on the freeway like they are playing a video game. Fast & crazy! But I still need to travel the 160 mile round trip drive to help my Mom once every month or so. It’s just getting harder. Listening to podcasts really help though and I really enjoyed your recent one! I’m glad you are feeling better and can quickly assess your needs before it gets you down. The wisdom of listening to our bodies is one of the few blessings of getting older. Your weekend with family and flowers sounds like just what you need-enjoy!


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