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I slowed down the last few days. I spent a lot of time resting, a bit of sewing, a bit of stitching a new tea time cross stitch project and a bit of meditation. I took a couple of days off work. I saw my pulmonary doctor and we talked about having long covid and my poor breathing over the past few weeks. She gave me a new inhaler and started ordering some tests. Made the diagnosis on paper that I read on my lab slip but has been talked about for months and months- Long Covid. Between the rest from the fast pace and stress from work, the new med as well as a huge therapeutic dose of much needed sunshine I must say I am feeling all the better.

I managed to offer some assistance to my husband of moral support yesterday while he took the snow blower off and put the mowing deck on our little lawn tractor. My job was to call 911 if needed and start the tractor while he was under it trying to hook up the pto to the mowing deck and such. Occasionally, I pushed something with my foot. Mostly, I sat on the porch offering words of encouragement. It is the biannual ritual of the changing of the seasons. Spring has officially arrived. We now have dandelions in the yard and a mowing deck on the tractor. We put the snow blower and the snow shovel in storage.

Once the mower was tested by cutting the tiny strip of grass between the sidewalk and the curb, we realized this was the spring clean-up weekend. Our neighbors were amassing their unwanted broken items on their little strip of land by the curb. I had sorted some things out over the winter and another ritual was taking place. The purging of the house of unwanted items that cannot be donated or are too big to fit in our weekly garbage pick up or can’t be recycled. I had a box and I filled it will broken items such as an old food processor, unwanted water bottles, broken cleaning wands and such. I then went into the basement and filled a bag of old clothes, rugs and bedding that have been rotting for a decade. My husband lugged it out to the road.

I sit this morning in anticipation that the garbage company will take it all. I check to see that the pickers haven’t strewn my tidy little pile all over the yard as they have done in the past. I love when people take things but please don’t throw it all over the yard because then they won’t take it away! So far, all bags are intact and I await the loud growl of the garbage truck to go by taking away all of the old and unwanted items. I feel a little lighter, my house has a bit more space and I am motivated by this to keep on decluttering and using the space to it’s full potential. Overall, this is ritual that spring has begun.

My yard will need a bit of attention by the end of the month by my husband, to tidy it up and sow clover seeds over the yard. We have had so much winter kill of the grass over the past several years we decided to go to this grass alternative. It will look so much better and be more environmentally friendly. We have to wait to the end of the month to be frost free.

The garden is getting attention a few min a day when I can physically do it. I am cutting down old growth from last year’s perennials and trying to pull from my memory where everything is planted. I am hoping I didn’t lose many plants. I am consulting with last year’s photos where new plants are and hope they made it. I need to thin and weed but patience will pay off. I want the plants to be a lot bigger so I know what I am doing. I may add some preen this weekend to try to ward off the weeds from getting established. Birdfeeders are down, the birdbath is up. I am surveying my fairy garden items to see how many things have one more year in them and what needs to be replaced.

I am finding that these little rituals are something I look forward to every year. It marks the beginning of new growth, the potential that is waiting to be unlocked in the garden and the joy it brings me to set up my little fairy village. It marks the end of a brutally long winter.

It also marks that the one-year anniversary of three things that happened at once that changed my life. I was infected with Covid, and we had a tornado that tore through my neighborhood May 20th. We drove through the neighborhood last evening and saw the healing in some homes and yards. Some are gone and I was trying so hard to remember what house was there. Nothing is the same. It never is but as is in nature, we move on and heal the best we can with what is left. We also drove through our favorite nature drive in the wilderness area that had a few thousand acres burn this month one year ago. We saw the animals, the old dead burned trees being taken away and the start of new growth. We saw so many animals, some migrating swans and plants. It was refreshing to see.

A lot has happened in a year, much has changed yet as the spring rituals begin so many things stay the same. I am puttering in my garden, using a new inhaler, moving a bit slower on the spring cleaning and getting more assistance from my husband but looking forward to all of the potential and opportunities this spring and summer have to offer.


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