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One year ago, I was infected with Covid. One year ago today as I was lying in bed very sick, the skies turned a strange dark, greenish color and my phone went off saying a tornado was barreling towards my town and I have a few minutes to rush to the basement before it hit my home. Huge sections of the town and the neighborhood were destroyed. The rebuilding continues and I can look back today and see how far we have all come over the past year.

I am spending the day at home sewing. I am able to ponder how grateful I am that I am for everything in my life and that we didn’t lose our home like our neighbors did. I am physically so much better and look forward to even more improvement this year with long Covid.

I am really enjoying my Headspace subscription. I am doing the meditations, and they have lovely music to focus or sleep by that I like. They also have a podcast and 5 min mini podcasts. I really like how it keeps me feeling so much better and relaxed. I would highly recommend it.

I have been able to embrace the slow living lifestyle I have set out to follow years ago. I am so glad to see many people are too! I have walked in my garden daily to check the growth. I have cooked some lovely meals from home chef with the best seasonal veggies. I have sat and listened to the birds return for the summer singing their songs and waking me up early! The animals are in the yard, and I know that there are more than squirrels and the passing dog. I am trying to see the rabbit that lives under the spirea. It sure is lovely to see the sun and see spring unfolding before my eyes!

Highland games season starts next weekend. I plan to attend a few of the festivals that I like and hope that I can make it all day with the walking and sitting outside. If not, I may have to go to the hotel to rest and pick my husband up later. It is inefficient but that is life. I want to take some hand work to do and maybe getting my epp out would be a good choice. Next weekend I will be at the Alma games and festival. I am looking forward to going but the reality is that with long covid there is always a bit of uneasy feelings because you never know how you are going to feel. That is the reality of it but I am going to try.

I am sure enjoying taking time to watch the sun rise or set, the growth of the plants in the garden, practicing mindfulness and stepping away from the frenetic speed of life. I am taking time in each day to delight in the simple things, to be grateful and not get so caught up in doing things every waking moment. It’s lovely this slow living.


At one point alot of slow living content I saw felt out of reach/ too far from my current reality, but when I starting making small swaps and just thought about my time/ how I can spend it being slower and more mindful that’s when I was actually able to make small changes 🪴 #slowlivingmovement #slowlivinglifestyle #slowingdownisgood #mindfulnesstips

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Have a lovely weekend and may your coffee be amazing,


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