Saturday morning coffee

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Wow, this was the annual celebration of completing another trip around the sun. I like that saying. It’s better than, the ugh moment- I am getting older. This year I have had moments when I did feel , well, old. However, once I got over that mental heaviness,  I realized I am so grateful for completing this trip and  I am looking forward to the next year, the next cycle of life.

I didn’t take the day off from work because my birthday usually is near or in the Memorial Day weekend. The kickoff to summer. The opening Highland games of the season. I usually celebrate my birthday during the weekend. However, this year we did go out to eat since my day was Thursday. I chose the little German Stein haus in my neighborhood and I even had some of their German Chocolate cake! A treat I haven’t had in years! It was so good and I had a bit more today as I took what I didn’t eat home in a the to go container. Oh and the meal was fantastic also!

I really have had the moment of going man, the next decade isn’t that far off to whooo hooo I made another year!

I plan to spend the weekend seeing friends and family, drinking a beer or two at the Highland games, listening to to bagpipes, watching sport and catching some rays of sun. The weather forecast is amazing and I expect to have a great time.

have a fantastic weekend,



  1. So glad you were able to have an extra nice weekend! The German Chocolate cake sounds like a worthwhile treat to mark the special occasion. I was up to my eyeballs in all things graduation at the University where I work. 3days of celebrating-like you! I got flowers but no cake😉


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