How I am spending my Spring Break….

Soon I won’t be a slave to the school calendar. I have been working on making plans for the graduation party. The list of food, things to do and an invitation list is being formulated. We have the Senior pictures and grad announcements. Having the invitations has made it quite real that our Son’s high school graduation is coming soon.


We went to the first end of the year banquet of the year on Wednesday. I think I have 6 more to go…..It was for wrestling. It was the nicest one yet. The coach had nice things to say. Awards were passed out. Trophies given to students in honor of some deceased person who was instrumental to the program. I knew those men, and it is always a bit sad that those men are gone already. My husband made sure that one boy knew the greatness of the man for whom his trophy was given and what a great responsibility he had now to be a leader and work hard to do his best.

I have been quilting. I have to quilt a top that I have been making for a show. I am a bit afraid to put it on the frame because I am not really sure how I want to quilt it. But the deadline is looming at the end of April and I haven’t worked this hard to not follow-up and try to enter the show. I have made this as a goal in my mind and I don’t want to let my insecurities about a show stop me.

So for my little three-day weekend Spring Break, I am going to get my quilt top finished and on the frame. I want to start quilting it. There is still 3 feet of snow on the ground so Spring Cleaning will wait.

I am also going to hobby lobby to look at backing fabric for the Mario Quilt. That is a grad gift for my son and needs to get done. And I have found some interesting site on making Zentangles. I find it funny that there is a name for making the doodles I have been producing for years. I think it is time to put them in a sketch book and save the doodles for quilting inspiration. I will be talking about them more when I have doodles or tangles to show you.

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