A new discovery

2013-03-30 21.38.20


I saw some people posting Zentangles on Pinterest. I decided to check it out. I found that the doodles I have always made have a name!!!

I checked a couple of books out from the library and I really like the book “One Zentangle a day.” Check out the official website www.zentagle.com and www.tanglepatterns.com. I also found many forms of Zentangles on Pinterest and Instagram.

It is a very relaxing way to be creative. It helps me in thinking about quilting patterns on the long arm. I also found that 3 inch tangles are easy to do in a 20 min or less time frame. I may try a 6 inch tangle soon. I am not so sure about what ZEN is but I know about being in a zone and feeling it all click.

I need a balance with these little doodles because I am tearing off paper from a quilt top that I want to try to enter in a show. That is nerve wrecking, messy and makes me sore. Ugh, paper piecing is my favorite way to piece but it is really a pain at this stage!!

Happy Easter to All!




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