Not meeting expectations

2013-04-01 06.45.07

Here is a picture of my floor when removing the papers from a paper pieced quilt. Ugh, what a mess. I had hoped that I would have this done and one row quilted by the end of the weekend. Nope, the papers are taking a long time to remove. One expectation failed from Friday but it will get done soon.

I had such high expectations for a three-day holiday weekend. Much of my expectations weren’t met. I expected to go shopping and find clothes off the rack I would like. I expected a computer we were looking to buy our son for his graduation would be in the store. I expected that I would have a house cleaning epiphany.  I expected that church would be a phenomenal spiritual moment. I expected that I would be able to order personalized grad announcements but I have lost a code to so do. I expected it to be spring and warm. The sun lasted a short while and was replaced by grey and snowing skies.

None of that happened. I did discover zentagles and I think it is a perfect way to practice quilting. It’s perfect to relax and get a bit of art made quickly. Read more on yesterday’s post. My dear husband reminded me that maybe I should not expect so much of others/moments/holidays and see where I can share myself more. Great point and sometimes things are just what they are and can’t live up to my mental picture.

By the way, I loved spending time with my family over the weekend. The steaks were perfect that my husband cooked. I ate myself sick with chips and candy. Now, back on the healthy track. I expect that will be pretty hard. I need to live up to that expectation of myself.


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