I am not sure why, but I still don’t have a quilt on the frame! I have been busy sewing test blocks. I have peeled papers off the quilt and tons of vacuuming to pick up the little confetti like pieces. I have worked my 8 hour days. I have done tons of laundry and dishes, gave a violin lesson and cooked a meal or two. Why isn’t my quilt done again???   

…. but in all that the good news is ….

The sun came out and melted tons of snow today. Does me little heart good. LOL 

We have been computer shopping for our son and his laptop for his grad gift came today. It is pretty sweet and everyone is happy. So that has lead my husband and I into researching new computers and we may take the plunge to purchase a household one soon. There is so much to choose from, much is waaaaay more than my little EQ6 program needs. As always the question is what do I really need? Here is a list of many things that I want but I don’t really need:

Bernina sewing machine

A Yukon to drive

a big studio space

a double oven

lots more counter space

more closets

closet organizers

a Coach purse

a lap top big enought for NASA

a time machine to go with said laptop

warp speed


Ok, now I am just getting stupid but you see how the want list gets. It grows to being just plain ridiculous. I am very happy with what I have. The van is nearly fixed, the laptop I have will be fine for now, my dining room table makes a great studio space and a bigger house means I would just junk it up too with more stuff I don’t need.


Live small, play big, give out and don’t over do anything.


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