another weekend full of possibilities!


After last weekends theme of not meeting my expectations, I have worked hard this week to remedy that. I have my quilt on the frame and 1/3 done. I have decided that I am finishing it the way I want to and if it doesn’t meet quilt show standards, so be it. I am quilting it in a zentangle fashion, not everyone’s cup of tea.

I also have been drawing, hand sewing bindings on the stack of finished quilts and sewing test blocks.


And still, I haven’t felt it at all this week. Maybe it’s the end of winter doldrums…. weeks of grey days. It snowed nearly every day this week but the sun would make a short appearance. We are losing more snow that we are receiving. I have had migraines all week and I overall feel pretty crappy. But that is nothing new.


So I decided to mix it up. I am exercised only twice this week. I put on full face makeup with eye liner and mascara. Haven’t done that in months! I have been drawing, taking pictures and sharing them like mad on Instagram (jump in if you want to see them) and I have found a Zentangle instructor that would give me a lesson next month, with our without friends. I can’t wait!


Today, my husband and I are going to test drive our recently fixed van. We are going to drive south a couple of hours, shop and have dinner out. Maybe that will also shake up this funk we all seem to be in around here. Happy Spring break!


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