A new project

I have mentioned that I am re-reading the book called“The Happiness Project” and focusing on an active project of my own. I have done the year long project and posted about it weekly on my previous blog. Then at the end of the year,  I was incorporating the concepts into my daily life. I have felt a need to refocus on a Happiness Project because I need to have a way to keep focused on all of the small things, blessings, goal setting and general wonder in this life. So, instead of the first four months being thirty day projects, I have done a one week “refresher course.” Then starting with May I am focusing on goal for thirty days. 
First thing is January or week one in my case is set More Energy with includes making goals, get to bed on time, declutter and get organized. I have set goals and I haven’t written them down so here goes: 
Do spring cleaning and yard work
Lose 5 pounds by the end of the Month
Quilt the Mario quilt, ok get it on the frame by the end of May
Order fabric for the grandbabies quilts
Get to bed by 11 each night
Exercise 4 times a week and do weight training 2x a week. I am good at this, really I am a dediated gym member but I am restarting the weight training due to an injury
Continue to work on obtaining organizing totes to declutter the two spare bedrooms. This is a daily ongoing battle.
February or week two is Show Love and “its all about love”
This was the week to be very focused on those loved ones and be grateful for them
Check my attitude when frustrated
Find ways to have a servant’s heart about others
March or week three is  Aim Higher at work. This was the week to be especially focused on doing my best at work.
Also this is the week where I am defining my quilting goals. I want to gather my patterns and present them to a publisher.
I would like to make a You Tube tutorial this year
I would like to teach a class/speak locally this year for quilting. I am already doing this for my day job.
April or week four is Lighten Up
It was the week to stop being so SERIOUS
Check the attitudes
Check the catastropizing
Laugh, see humor, seek Joy
That brings us to a whole month focus on May’s goals  per the book Be Serious about Play.
Stop trying to multi task
Stay focused in the moment
Date Weekend is planned
Don’t get depressed about this years Birthday number instead Celebrate!
Don’t get obessessed about details, tasks and perfection in areas that is is unneccessary such as house keeping, gardening and exercising
The Happiness Project is a wonderful book and I am restarting with the goals as set out in the book. Each year the goals are to be updated, and changed to be timely and personal. I am working on making my own Secrets of Adulthood lists ( you know things like take Tylenol in your purse, take a jacket, etc) and my own Splendid Truths about happiness. I find that I AM happier when I am focused on being happy, being grateful and not caught up in the grind of daily life. I am very happy, in case you didn’t know, but I am just looking a practical ways to improve myself and in turn being a better person to be around.

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