A Mystery is Solved

It all started with tons of prep for spring. The birds are loud and raucous. They are fun to watch while doing spring clean up in the yard. We have raked, mulched and next is painting on the garage. All the while, we watched the birds and their spring rituals.
We hit a few snags with problems while cleaning up for spring. The sewer line needed to be augured, again. We needed more mulch than we thought. The garage needs to be painted and during prep we found more wood  needed to be replaced as the front has some rot….. of course these things cost money to fix.
Then I heard a noise from the basement that my son had reported a few days before. My husband was at work. My heart sank, not another expensive thing to fix…. please!!!! Here is the video. I was very concerned that the hot water heater was on its last legs and was going to leak all over an already wet basement. Yes, ignore the cobwebs that’s a summer project to clean….Click on link to see video
During the replay, I heard the bird sounds. Then I became fearful about the heat in the metal vent tube that runs up two stories in the 100-year-old chimney from the hot water heater. There was silence the rest of the day. I thought for sure that this was a Woodpecker of some sort and I killed it by cleaning and showering etc. I posted this video to my husbands Facebook because It was too big to email or text. Wow, I can’t believe how many people called me or emailed me with concerns!!!
But the next day at sunrise, the sound came again. I wasn’t convinced the bird wasn’t in the chimney. My husband was nagged by me to get up on the roof to check. Our roof is really high, like 2 1/2 stories up in the air… yea no one likes to go up there. Nothing, the chimney and the liner are intact and no signs of birds living or dying there.
So I did a stake out at sunrise. I heard a familiar–wak, wak , wak call. I ran outside and this is what I recorded. Go to link to see and watch!
What a relief!
 Now that part of the mystery is solved, I wonder what kind of woodpecker it is? Pileated? Flicker? Any bird experts out there that knows? Who knew that they could perch up there and who knew that they wanted such large metal megaphones to attract females…. what am I saying, it is trying to attract all the females in the county!!!

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