Lovely Day after Mayhem left

DSCN7648 DSCN7653

It all started out with the garage needing a bit of painting before the Open House, yes it was peeling terribly…. but the wood was rotten. Really Rotten. So my husband and my father spent the day replacing it. Then after lunch it started to snow. Really, it snows here on Mother’s Day weekend periodically. Ugh, they are really cold and tired. I am very thankful that we were able to get this nearly finished today before dark. Now just a bit of trim and add the new light fixture. If it doesn’t get painted dark brown before the Open house the current color on the product looks great.


Really, it was snowing! And more Mayhem visited this am, no water was leaving the house. The sewer guy came early and has a permanent fix coming this week. After the prep to get ready, I had a plans to be serious about play. Just like my happiness project goal.

Because today was the day I had invited a few people over for a Zentangle class by a wonderful teacher Sheryl. She was fantastic and I learned so much. I had a great time with my Mom, Trish, Deby and myself.


Our first Zentangle Tile! We all made the same pattern but they look so individual and fantastic!


Mom, Trish, Sheryl and Deby is in the front row. We are all so happy and had such fun!


Here we are each holding our tile! We have to keep this going. I feel a follow up class and future get togethers in our future!!!!



  1. I love the Zentangles – will the tiles be fired? Each one looks so different even if it was inspired by the same thing. It’s been a long time since I drew a zentagle but I am inspired to dig out the pens and paper. I remember it being such fun.
    We don’t have snow this weekend, but rather a little taste of summer.


    • Thanks Helen, I really have been bitten by this bug too. I love the small, portable nature of this as well as the freedom of each pattern. I hope to see some of your tangles! Our tiles are paper tiles and they are such lovely paper.


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