More drawing

I am trying a different paper and pen for this. I cut drawing paper to a book mark size. I used an ultra fine sharpie. I like the look. It isn’t as delicate and it has a boldness. If I were to really use this as a book mark I would need to mount it on additional card stock and possibly laminate it. I may try that.


I am finding that I like the idea of not having to finish things. I have several amigurumi’s in the to finish basket. I have a few quilt tops there too. I have more spring cleaning to finish. I need to finish things.


Loving the Zentangle drawings. If money were no object, I would become a certified instructor. Maybe in the future, until them I found a very cool kit at that I would love.



    • Thanks so much Deby, I am really into curves, curls and pearls!!
      Shapes that I am familiar with in quilting. Leaves, feathers and mookas are my favorite Zentangle patterns, too. Wow I have names for the patterns in my vocabulary!


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