Until something goes wrong, it is easy to take for granted things like water, sewer, heat, electricity and a/c. It all started with wanting to a bit of spring cleaning and sprucing up the yard. We needed to paint the garage and things went very wrong….. it turned in to this over the weekend:



You can read more about it in yesterday’s post. And in yesterday’s post we talked about not having water flow out of the house, a stop gap auguring made a temporary fix. Well, today this happened:

DSCN7666 DSCN76642013-05-13 12.09.32

I am very thankful that we have water leaving the house after that very old line was replaced. I don’t mind saying that I need a night to relax. I worked on testing quilt blocks, writing my version of Secrets of Adulthood for my Happiness Project and drawing Zentangles. I also went to the youth orchestra practice and I see volunteering there in the future, the kids are awesome. That’s what I call relaxing, ahhhh, better than a spa. Gym and working out will be back on track tomorrow

And to think this all started by wanting to paint….


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