It’s Here!


My quilt made it home from it’s long journey. It is on page 84 of Quilty magazine! I am so thrilled with the pattern and everything about it on the 4, yes 4, pages of the magazine!

I have to say that there is a very special feeling that came the first time I opened this magazine. I had the actual quilt in my hands straight out of the box as I looked up my quilt and opened the pages. My husband was home too and together we fumbled through the pages. I was so excited, thrilled and happy all at one time. It will be something that I remember for a very long time. I hope to be able to work with Quilty again, as it was a wonderful experience.

Now, I am working hard to see if I can reach my next goal: getting a book published. I have to get the samples of each made. I is a long task making each idea into a reality. And some great ideas that may not fit in a book, I will submit to a magazine again. Maybe I can catch lightning in a bottle twice!!



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