A hive of activity here





I have learned several things today. And here is the list:


  • there are more types of caulk at Lowe’s than thread at the quilt shop
  • same with the nails, screws and bolt aisles
  • that I can go to Lowe’s myself and pick out a board and load it in the vehicle
  • I am a good go-fer but better at laundry and weeding the garden
  • it is a good thing my Dad has lots of know how to help with these projects around here or we would be in so much trouble!!!
  • My husband has a fantastic looking workbench now and the garage is better than ever inside and out!
  • the steps are solid and safer for everyone
  • the rosebush was moved to the front of the house for everyone to see it’s beauty because it was too big by the steps, happy change
  • so glad that everyone pitched in
  • unfortunately…. we still have a bit of painting to do……


And that’s what started it all!!!!

Happiness project note:

This has been an incredible amount of work and some money but it has made such a difference. Everyone is happy. It is funny how doing some of those jobs on the to-do list makes such a difference in your mind. Funny how it all comes together. I just started reading the next book Happier at home and we seem to be on the right track!!!

Thanks to Dad and Jay, it really looks wonderful!!!



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