Design Wall Monday

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Here is my Hello Betty quilt. I quilted each block in a different stitch for tons of practice. I did freemotion quilting on all of it. I really like how it turned out. I thought it was hopeless once the top was done but I think its a pretty effective quilt design.

2014-04-24 19.22.55

You can read in the previous post about this sewing machine but the short version is this. It is my great grandmother’s 1930 era singer treadle. I have had it for years in this house that I purchased from my parents. It was caked with yuck. A friend at work husband started to restore an old treadle he had and the results is the work of art pictured. It stitches like a dream!!! I am thrilled to have this heirloom in my sewing room now!



I also have to share my latest passion. Baby clothes. It is like instant gratification!!! My twin granddaughters are getting bigger. I found tons of free patterns on the internet and well my scrap bag has a few large pieces in it, too. I think that they babies will have little clothes sewn from me for awhile!! Where was the internet when I had little ones, cause this is easy…. brings back all the memories of garment sewing from my 4-H classes in elementary school, I didn’t forget! This little dress is lined and has a built in onesie!


I am working on this Economy right now.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to see what everyone else is working on at for design wall Monday!!!



  1. Love your quilt. And yes those baby clothes, once you get started it’s really hard to stop. Boy and you have two, what fun!!


  2. The little dress with onesie is adorable. I’m sewing for a granddaughter right now, too, and struggling with pattern sizes (a few posts ago). I love the colors and fabrics you chose for your economy quilt. It will be gorgeous!


  3. Hi, Vicki. Your Singer is gorgeous, and so is your completed quilt! I’m up to my ears and shoulders in a raffle quilt for my son’s 5th grade class right now, a project I only agreed to do because I thought it would be great for practicing lots of different free motion quilting patterns. I totally know what you mean about feeling like the quilting looks awful when your nose is 3″ away from it under the sewing machine, but then you step back and look at the whole quilt and suddenly it looks much, MUCH better! I love your mix of fabrics in your Hello Betty quilt, and I think you did a great job of combining different stitch patterns while still keeping a very balanced, cohesive effect overall with the quilting.
    Also, I am having Solid Wood Door envy — I live in a newer construction home now, but your photo with the cute dress on the doorknob immediately brought back memories of the solid oak doors we had in our first home, a Craftsman built in 1910. 🙂 They do NOT build homes like they used to!!


  4. What a great idea for a baby dress! The built in onsie is wonderful! I have an old treadle machine that a friend gifted to me and it needs a lot of work as well. So neat that you have your great grandmother’s machine now working in your sewing room. Enjoy!


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