2014-07-05 18.24.43 2014-07-09 21.11.31 2014-07-10 07.16.59I have been doing a lot of sewing lately. But, I needed a quiet thing to do while the others in my house are trying to sleep either in the morning or evening. We all seem to be on a different schedule around here!! I dug out my drawing things. I have two new books for Zentangle inspiration and here we are! I do like to relax and draw. I have tiles I am going to draw on but I feel out of practice and once my confidence is up I will draw on the expensive papers.

I have tons of paper, art paper, trading card paper, Zentangle Tiles, sketch book, water color paper… my favorite is the Stratmore sketch book 6×6 and the tiles. I think I am going to make several tiles and frame them. I need new art at my offices. Plural. That’s gonna be a long term arrangement I am told, sigh.

I am looking forward to so much happening in the fall- our vacation, the holidays, etc… I don’t want to wish the summer away. This weekend my Husband and I are going to a Highland games in Saline. I get my annual trek to Ikea! I think it’s gonna be great! Until then I am going to load another quilt on the frame, finish sewing the baby dress I started, tangle on a tile and crochet grannies. I have plenty to do. But I think there will be a ton of junk TV also. The Achilles if feeling better but I am not going to push it at the gym this week.



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  1. Your blog is full of some pretty amazing things! Glad I clicked over to see it! I have followed you on twitter and facebook and look forward to seeing what you create on instagram! Go you Vicki 😉


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