Longarm quilting…..and other things

2014-07-17 17.39.02 2014-07-17 17.39.18

Here is my lttle art quilt , I think that the first picture is the way I want it to be oriented. I am going to long arm it next month. I like it. I think that it reminds me of the Great Lakes—water, spinning winds and sky. It’s an abstract, lol.

2014-07-17 18.27.20 2014-07-17 18.27.37 2014-07-17 13.02.47Here is a quilt made by an Octogenarian. She said it is supposed to be fish. I did a loop and swirl with little bubbles occasionally. I decided that I wanted to use a cotton batting because I couldn’t baste it on with a poly batt. I am so glad , it turned out to be really cute. The flying geese border is a really beautiful!


I am loading one of three baby quilts. They are like instant gratification!

Life notes: We have had our fair share of car troubles over the past week, guess where our bonuses went, o yeah to the mechanic. I have been adjusting to my diet, higher doses of thyroid meds (ugh) and rehabbing my bruised Achilles. I am trying to plan the big studio reorganization next month but so far no action. I am also planning my gear and clothes to take to Scotland on our vacation this fall.


I can’t believe how much I got done in just a few free minutes today. Ahhhh, felt good.




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