Quilting on!!!

I want to share what I have been quilting lately. I have quilted three quilts for Allison. She has been so busy. The star quilt is a queen sized quilt. It is so luxurious with rich fabrics. I quilted it in all over curls. The last two quilts are such adorable little baby quilts for her newest grandchild. I really love them too. The airplanes has overall swirls to represent clouds and the train quilt is in a double stipple to look like tracks. I hope to do more quilts Allison, love your work!!!





2014-07-29 20.26.55 2014-07-29 20.27.03 2014-07-29 20.27.09 2014-07-29 20.27.20


wpid-img_20140719_145149.jpg2014-07-17 18.27.37


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