Quiet times

Sometimes things need to slow down and be quiet. We have had a couple of those weekends recently. This weekend was one. I have to say, I felt tired. I had no real reason to be. I haven’t over done anything. I have been resting well, taking care of myself. But you run into times of being tired. During July, my husband gets tired too. It’s mid Highland games competition, long unheard of hours at work and lots of travel.
2014-07-18 20.15.55
We went to a Beatles tribute concert at Alpenfest till 10 on Friday. It was a fun to be nostalgic with them. Then we decided to go to our 30th High School reunion. It was touch and go weather or not it was going to happen.

2014-07-20 14.02.23


2014-07-21 01.40.05

2014-07-21 02.30.26

2014-07-21 02.30.32

2014-07-21 02.32.39Reunion pics were taken by my classmates

It turned out to be great. Saw many people, caught up. I felt pretty good about myself and didn’t feel bad that I was overweight. So were tons of other. I didn’t feel bad about greys and wrinkles. It is part of being 30 years older. I have to say that it was a time to feel refreshed. A time to see that everyone else has the same struggles and triumphs with jobs, family, parenting and finances. For one night we were on all a very level playing field our age and the common ground was our times in school. We were able to talk about who we were and who we are. It wasn’t weird at all.wpid-20140720_122901.jpg2014-07-21 07.05.59


I have been home more so I have been quilting more. I have two of Alisons three done. I am finishing up some clothing for the grand daughters. There is one top, one dress, one diaper cover and 4 pair of shorts. Here hoping that they can wear them!!!


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