My last two weeks

I returned yesterday from a two week vacation in Scotland. I plan to review this vacation in several blog posts and there will be many pictures each post. I also will give my thoughts about each day. I think that this was one of those experiences that really opened my eyes about me, my life and the world around me. I loved each moment, each person we met and learned many things.

Day 1

We landed in Edinburgh after three planes and about 11 hours of flights plus layovers. I had to walk down old fashioned stairs to get out of the plane. I am exhausted. My feet are very swollen and blistering because of the flat shoes I wore. I didn’t want to be messing with my shoes during security checks and I thought they were a good choice. I am limping. I am aching. I am a little bit dizzy and off balance, I have a middle ear condition called Meniere’s Disease and flying is not great for vertigo.

We had an hour and a half in customs. Wow,  did I have to use the rest room. There was heightened security due to the Referendum for Scottish independence. And ahead of us has a group of  100 teens from Japan…several with paperwork problems. We go to get our car and they wont take a magnetic strip credit card for our deposit, they want something called a pin and chip credit card. We already paid Avis. They wont take cash.

Crap, another hour wait and EuropeCar, the competition to Avis- can you tell I am a little put off with AVIS, took our charge card no problem, they called it in. Oh,  and we got a Mercedes. A MERCEDES! We have no phone to call the B and Bto let them know that we are going to be late for check in. Stress is running high . Driving the 7 miles was crazy, the streets are barely one car wide, traffic circles galore, on the left side to drive and we have been up for 36 hours.

Then no one answers the door at the house and the front door is locked. We found a nice lady walking by and she offers to call the house for us as the staff was vacuuming or “hoovering” and couldn’t hear the bell. We got checked in. Relief sets in. We get info about the town and public transportation. .

We walked to a local gourmet restaurant. Curry. Ugh. I am a bit allergic to it and don’t have a taste for it.  We just cant do much sightseeing due to fatigue and we go back. I am hormonal, exhausted, in pain. I cry. Not sure I am strong enough for all of this travel and culture shock. We bring things from home for the daughter of the local quilt shop and she lives in Edinburgh. Not far from our room!  We meet  after email communication and give her some things from home.

Albyn TownHouse is a wonderful guesthouse. We have a third floor room, more stairs— oh my poor feet, and a beautiful view of the city. I am shocked at how quiet this town it. It smells of age, whiskey, sea air,  damp stone and gardens. It is lovely. I am delighted by the décor of the house and look forward to breakfast. Our adventures begin! I am feeling a bit hesitant about being able to keep up with my husband who is in shape and keeping up with our plans of sightseeing.  I resolve that in such a delightful house and surrounded by history this is going to be great!

First pic is the Airport in Traverse city, then the wild colors of the tunnel in Detroit to the international terminal a musical surprise with the light show!

2014-09-06 11.57.16 2014-09-06 16.20.40 2014-09-06 16.20.48 2014-09-06 16.21.11

the take off and wonderful weather

2014-09-06 18.28.13 2014-09-06 18.39.42 2014-09-06 18.39.58 2014-09-06 18.40.41 2014-09-06 18.41.43 2014-09-06 18.42.21 2014-09-06 18.43.47 2014-09-06 18.46.29 2014-09-06 18.48.08 2014-09-06 18.49.45 2014-09-06 18.51.37 2014-09-06 18.51.43 2014-09-06 18.51.51 2014-09-06 18.52.41 2014-09-06 18.58.49 2014-09-06 19.29.37

The first pictures of Edinburgh and our guest house called, Albyn Townhouse

2014-09-07 10.03.09 2014-09-07 11.07.18 2014-09-07 11.23.11 2014-09-07 11.27.38 2014-09-07 11.29.59 2014-09-07 12.33.48 2014-09-07 12.35.09 2014-09-07 12.35.52 2014-09-07 13.42.58 Our car is the blue one.

2014-09-07 13.43.16 2014-09-07 13.46.04

I have never left the States to travel and I have the wonder of a child on this trip.

More to come


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