I have been in a little creative slump

So what to do when this happens? Try something different.

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I did a baby quilt this week for a customer. The longarm was serviced while on vacation and it is stitching very well. I also put a block together of the little hst for the chevron blocks I am working on. Pictured is the fabric panels and fabric I  bought in Scotland while on vacation. Something very different for me! The last bundle of fq was in the mail on my return  from Quiltmaker magazine for helping test blocks for their last 100 block magazine. And lastly, while on vacation this article about me being a Modern Quilter was released. All that wonderful stuff happening, all that wonderful fabric to play with and I find myself in a creative slump.

Maybe it’s jet lag, maybe it’s because a cold is lingering. Maybe it’s just because I have been working too hard with a commute to another city half time and the break from quilting was just what I needed while on vacation.

2014-09-27 13.19.21 2014-09-28 20.22.15

My husband and I have been going through our vacation pictures this week. See previous posts to hear all about this trip of a lifetime. Yesterday we decided to do a fall drive, weather is great and we just couldn’t sit home!! I went to a Wool and Lamb Festival and spent an extravagant amount of money on the most beautiful yarn. I am knitting a feather and fan wrap. After three starts I have made progress.  Ahhh, a very nice change of pace from quilting and just what I needed.

I will load a quilt on the frame tomorrow. I will continue to look at my vacation pictures for inspiration. I will also look at the nature picture from our Autumn tour yesterday, look for another post about the tour in the future.

This what I do to get my creative block defeated. To Recap:

1. Take a break or maybe even a vacation, my vacation was pretty life changing

2. Do something totally different creatively

3. Seek inspiration in the ordinary

4. Do/go somewhere different

5. Seek inspiration in other art forms- I went to art museums, listen to music and studied architecture

6. Be ok that a creative block happens but don’t stop being creative!

7. I also think regular exercising, eating right and sleeping well is part of being creative


Stay tuned for more about the vivid autumn I have been having!





  1. I have been feeling exactly the same way! I bought a crochet hook and yarn and today I am going to give PPing snowflakes a go! I am trying your suggestion – so something different 🙂


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