Fall is pretty

Petoskey, Michigan
Ogemaw County Fair Grounds, MI


2014-10-11 14.41.49
Sparta, Mi apple orchard

2014-10-11 14.53.362014-10-11 14.40.142014-10-11 14.57.552014-10-11 14.59.392014-10-11 15.00.50

We have been going around Michigan over the past couple of weeks and have viewed some very pretty fall color. We went to see our Son this weekend. We took him and his girlfriend to the apple orchard. Then we went to the Homecoming game at his college. I love going to college games and I think they are more fun than pro football.

A great weekend. It was beautiful weather. The drive was gorgeous and now I get to make some apple bread, pie or muffins.

Now to do some work, laundry, quilts and maybe some sewing on my new machine. That is post for tomorrow!


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