How to make a 9 patch quilt block

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Here is the post that started this series:

In today’s post, I am linking you to some videos. I made them myself. Yes they are not professional grade. We are at my kitchen table where I usually sew. See the first picture, yep, this is how it is at my house!!!  I am using my tablet and a music stand to record this. I am having fun and I am doing this because I have a couple of friends that want to learn how to quilt. They live far away and maybe some people will benefit from this. I also thought some might get a few laughs at my jokes and goofs. It is unedited real life, baby!

First video to view:

We are making a 9 patch. You will need 4 dark fabrics, 4 light fabrics and the center surprise fabric. Each square is 4.5 inches. Trust me on the math, it will turn out to be a 12.5 inch block. A math talk is for a much later date when I can figure out how to make cue cards for myself!!!

Second video to view:

2014-11-11 13.35.29

A note on pressing, I use steam. I use old-fashioned Niagara starch and I try to limit the amount of pushing/pulling on the seams. I press the seam allowances to one side, the Dark Side, for stronger seams and speed.

Third Video to view:

There your block is done. At the end I “square it up” by lining the top of your block on the cutting mat. I use the lines to trim the block to the 12.5 inches it is supposed to be and to have edges as even as possible. Don’t forget to rotate the block to trim the other sides!

2014-11-11 13.37.51

Congratulations, you just made your first block in this sampler series. Thanks for reading this post. I appreciate your perseverance with the videos. Maybe the next posts will not be on a dark and stormy day! There will be 12 blocks in this quilt and it should be about 48×60.

Make as many 9 patches as you like, they make a great quilt too. Practice makes perfect!


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