Blog Tour Day 4

Here we are at day 4 already!! I have been having so much fun looking at the magazine and planning a quilt with the blocks I have tested. I have been part of three Quiltmaker’s 100 block so I have nearly 40 blocks!!! I am going to share two more today that are in Volume 10 that is currently on the newsstands.

2014-07-03 17.57.38

This first block is by K.  Kramers on page 59 called Rail Road Crossings. I love the is block and it could have multiple background colors. There is an example of what the whole quilt could look like in the magazine. They do a nice job giving you ideas on layouts in this magazine.




This block is really pretty and it is called Palazzo by S. Murkin. It is on page 60 of the magazine. I choose a more muted color palette like a tile may be. I think this one is full of secondary patterns too if you were to make many into a quilt.

Only a few more blocks to share! Go to the link at the beginning to see your chance at a giveaway!!!


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