New Years


What is New Year’s day without football , Chili and time to think about what resolutions to make for this year. I still have some of the same resolutions from last year to carry over- get organized, lose weight, try to sell a pattern but I have made strides in all departments but I dont think these are attainable in a year,  looking back now. My house and sewing room is always a work in progress for organizing. I have lost 15 pounds and I am going to continue to work on that. Patterns, well that may be a lifetime project to be self published as I have had several rejections on book pitches this year  as well as magazine rejections.


So with these ongoing goals listed above, what are some resolutions for this year? Hmmmm, I need it to be simple,  so here goes :
1. Get to the gym 3 or more times a week which is doable.
2. Enter in the Grand Rapids quilt show
3. Read the hobbit and Lor trilogy


Thats it. My job is up in the air again with what office I will be in. Commuting eats up my free time and project time. I am not going to make this lofty or too stressful. If I have customer quilts that’s great , and  if I have time to write a pattern I may try to send it off to a magazine. But overall, I need to take better care of myself and learn to relax more. I am just going to settle in and take it as it comes.


Happy 2015 everyone, it should be a wonderful year.



  1. Vicki, I also have a long commute to my job in this cold Michigan weather. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and pick up the book you want to read at the library. Listen to it during your commute. You will “read” several of your favorite books without taking time away from your quilting. Of course, you can also listen to them while you are in your sewing room.


  2. It will be a wonderful year and I am glad we can share it together!!! Have a great January and all the months that follow!! Read you soon!!


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