This week snapshot



2016-01-06 23.21.33

I have been doing tons of research on the internet this week. This picture is a rare photo of the inside of Eilean Donan Castle and I thought it represented all this research. I got my ancestry DNA testing back and it showed a very high ancestry dna of Ireland, Scotland and England.  The Scandinavian part comes from the Vikings settling in the region(one of my ancestors hailed from the Isle of Mann). I have found ancestors from all areas. I also found most of the verbal family history to be accurate and TRUE! My mothers paternal people are Dutch and Scots/Irish. My Fathers people are English and Irish. I have found pictures of my ancestors, family crests, land ownerships, traveled the migration , some lived and died in poorhouses and others were honored War veterans.  I have lots of questions still but the subscription has been so worth it this winter!!!2016-01-01 16.52.50

2016-01-08 07.01.31

Here is the first customer quilt finished this year! I tried to free motion quilt a googly eyed stitch on it. I love Whirls N’ Swirls videos for ideas on the long arm and this was one of her inspirations. I think it really is cute. Nice job Sue, this Halloween quilt is really fantastic!

2016-01-06 07.42.25
Here is a quilt block I am testing for Quiltmaker, I see a Halloween theme this week!
2016-01-03 15.04.11
Making me a bookshelf quilt, I may add selvege edges to it. Easy an almost an improve style!

2016-01-05 06.27.372016-01-07 07.28.112016-01-05 20.51.442016-01-08 12.36.37


Then the rest of the week I was drawing ideas out for a whole cloth quilt. I think I will try to do a small one. I am liking my obsession with coloring and it helps me wind down in the evening

Not such a good week for diet and exercise. I have been sick with a bronchial thing so breathing is messed up. I hope to get back on the exercise routine next week. I was eating so much better and then I ate out all day yesterday. I will get that going to . I have to get more healthy and lose weight because I am feeling it.

Off to a good start overall for 2016.


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