Daylight Savings time, why ?


I often wondered why we do daylight savings time. It was just getting lighter in the mornings and it felt like spring was in the air. I heard that it was supposed to help conserve energy when I was a kid. I did some research and that was the original reason… WWI was the first time that the clocks were changed to save energy and see more daylight at the end of the day. Of course, more daylight in the evening is proposed to be “good” for the economy  in modern times because people are outside more and doing more and spending more and driving more and… you get the gist. I think that the problem adjusting to the change is not worth the sleep lost and the cranky Monday afterward.

2016-03-11 06.51.38

This block was made this week for a person I met on Instagram who is going to deploy this summer for 7 months. She is making a deployment sampler quilt made from supportive quilters all over the world. She wanted 10.5 inch blocks. So I made an Economy block and didn’t measure each component accurately. Mine was too big so I quartered it and this is the result.

I sent mine off and I hope to hear from her because I volunteered to quilt a little quilt for her before she leaves. I can’t imagine leaving my toddler and my husband for my job … for 7 months. I need more home time and stability. I didn’t like it when my husband was in the Air Fore and he only left once for a year. That was it for me, I officially hated it.2016-03-13 20.01.17


I am trying my hand at a Hobo quilt. So far this is what I have made and I drafted each block in EQ. I am not sure how I will lay it out, I saw an inspiration quilt at a rail road gift shop however, I am not fond of the layout. This said gift shop gave my name to a customer that wanted a quilt similar to a donated wall hanging in the museum. I hope that the customer likes it. It is truly custom. We will see. I like it and that is important too. More about the signs when the quilt is done and all the info will be disclosed then.

2016-03-10 08.14.29

And I finished Pat Sloan’s free Secret Garden Mystery quilt. One a month the pattern is released, they are 16 inches and I am loving my stash buster!


I did have an opportunity to go out for a couple of hours Sat night and celebrate St Patrick’s day. I have not been well and vertigo is still bothering me but I was able to get out. We had dinner and listened to music from the UK. I love Irish/Celtic music and it was very good. The band was called The Outside Track.  I really enjoyed the evening to kick off my week of celebrating all things Irish. And I can now say, after my DNA results, that I am Irish. I found many of my family on Ancestry this winter  and it has encouraged me to learn more about them!

I will show you what we won at the silent auction tomorrow!



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