Staycation or why I can’t keep a serger threaded

I am home this week. I did go to Guelph Canada last weekend for a Highland games. My husband took first in the Caber even and set a personal best in light hammer. Overall he took 6th. He is feeling better this year with is middle ear and his elbow is staying well.

2016-06-11 12.39.08-52016-06-11 14.33.572016-06-11 15.03.392016-06-11 15.10.33

Then we came home and my parents came up for a visit. We had several projects to do because we are getting some new carpet on Thursday.  We needed to replace boards on the front porch that rotted so the carpet people can get into the house easily. We are packing up pictures and knick knacks. The furniture will be moved tonight.

SOOOO, how bout that serger. I have plenty of time to use it. And do you think I can keep it threaded to have projects done. NOOOOOO. So instead I have been making some quilt blocks. I took my Mom to the sewing center and she bought a new machine and sewing has been our fun thing to do.

The Murphy’s Law of sewing: the more time you have for sewing the more mechanical problems you will have. So I can’t figure out how to keep the serger threaded. I don’t have the long arm loaded because I need to wipe all the frame and tracks because I have had problems. No point in doing that until after the dirty job of carpet installing is done.

2016-06-14 15.40.272016-06-14 17.38.03

Dads handiwork showing a inside step that needed repair before they get recarpeted. There was a vent in it that was never covered up and the old carpet would push  in when you used the step. Under the step we found a home work assignment from 1981. I knew the boy who wrote the homework. I sent his sister a picture and we all got a good chuckle. I bet he said the dog ate his homework, lol.



2016-06-14 20.23.48


We ended the day by going to quilt group. I shared my woven ribbons quilt and coloring quilt. Some of the ladies went on a boat ride. I didn’t because of my motion sickness issue. Some of us sat on shore and enjoyed the sunset.


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