Frosty Morning

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we had several inches of snow on the ground. It has been waffling between below freezing and a little sunshine. Today was a heavy duty frost. I was venturing out to the garden to assist with the installation of our two new bird feeders when I snapped this pic.

We made a trip to the Tractor Supply store and bought two shepherds hooks, two feeders and some bird seed. Then we went to Home depot. We found a stove on sale there and they can deliver it in two weeks! Yay no more meals that are half under baked and half over baked. I am excited but I don’t usually spend tons of time in the kitchen. Maybe that will change once we get a new stove.

As soon as we got home, we added the feeders to the garden. No birds have found it yet but I am sure they will. When one found the bird bath it wasn’t long before it was a popular hang out. I may be a little more excited about the feeders than the stove!

I am pretty happy I was able to walk a mile while we were shopping so I don’t have to do any more exercise today. I am pretty comfy in my little pink chair crocheting and watching my football teams lose.

Hope your Sunday is relaxing,


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