First day of Vacation

view from my porch

Technically, vacation started Saturday but today is my first day off from work. No meetings, no emails, the work computer is shut off. I woke up to a skiff of snow on the ground again. The temp is 35 and it is going to drop. The recent warmer temps and sun was a nice respite but I am going to get my SAD lamp out to help keep me awake on these dark days and prep for winter coming as well as staying. I woke up feeling like I didn’t get much done this weekend and I have to push to get more done but then I realized I am on vacation. Staycation actually and I don’t have to get anything done really.

I am happy already this morning because my blood sugar is better. I have been trying to make better snacks and I found Energy Balls seem to be helpful. I broke the old Hamilton Beach food processor yesterday with the dates and almonds. So, I had to hand chop and mix the finish. We are shopping on Amazon for a new one. Maybe a Ninja because the Vitamix is a little pricey.

I am also finishing a good cup of coffee. It is the Tim Horton’s K cups. I really like them and I am buying them again. I found them at Walmart this weekend when we were grocery shopping. We decided our usual store, Meijer, is too understaffed and has low stock on what we buy. Walmart seems to be winning that battle of keeping the shelves full. Time will tell if they can keep staff healthy and coming to work.

I plan to do this all week: work on my quilts, make a few Christmas crafts, record a podcast, make a video for Youtube, crochet, clean the house and have a Thanksgiving dinner with my husband.

I am also going to watch a few Christmas shows and movies like Home Alone, Its a Wonderful Life and White Christmas while I am making things. After Thanksgiving, I will slowly pull out some of my Christmas decorations. We are undecided about getting the big tree out or decorating the small Norfolk Island pine I bought last year . It’s still alive and growing!! Oh, I have plenty of time to make decisions.

My husband is off too but he is spending parts of every day deer hunting, so I am going to have my alone time. I love having a few hours alone each day. During the pandemic, I am finding that I enjoy being by myself all day and working online so much that I could do it long term. But, I am also finding that I don’t want to leave home much. I am not sure if that is my introversion or the pandemic. Probably both.

Well, here’s a toast with my Tim Horton’s most wonderful coffee, to a vacation of resetting my brain and body to a healthy place. To working on crafts and quilts till I am sick of them, to a cleaner house and to live my best life in this very moment,



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