Double Monday Morning

full moon rising

Back to the old grind of the work a day world today. It’s 630 am. I couldn’t stand it and I had to fire up the computer for work and go through one of the email addresses I have at work. Most of them are not important and I deleted the junk email leaving only about 4 to really read when I am on the clock. I have about 30 to read in the secondary email and voice mail. It am sure it won’t take all day. Looks like a nice day to transition back to the real world. A world back into my folding chair and card table for work with little breaks for my back to sit in my little pink upholstered chair. I am taking my crochet into the office for meetings, I was coloring but it hurts my fingers too much right now. I may have to decorate for Christmas soon and have some cheery fairy lights in the work from home office. The dark days of winter are here and the sun rises late and sets so, so early.

I am going to cut a few blocks this morning before work so I can walk by the machine and take a few stitches. I usually make a few stitches on the long arm at lunch time. It will be too cold to go for a walk but I am going to do my 7 min of exercise three times a day. I have a new work routine and I am going to try a few new places in my house to travel to with my tiny work computer to break up the monotony of working from home. I think my internet signal is strong enough to go upstairs. I may try to work in my guest room as I never go in there. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home but one needs to be very creative to keep each day fresh and interesting. The pandemic isn’t helping with that.

I expect this week to be slow and steady. Honestly, December is usually slow and steady through to the new year at my job. I will have time to try to learn spreadsheets and update them. I may even watch some online classes about them. Maybe, I am not going to press my luck. December is the month where I update all of my continuing education credits and so far all the classes I have attended are not in the system. I may be watching lots of classes this month to get my hours in that are required.

The coffee is gone, my waffle was as delicious as a frozen toaster protein waffle can be. I am going to spend the rest of my morning before work prepping for the day, like menu planning, cutting my sewing projects and debating if wearing makeup while working from home is worth the effort spent. My allergies have been bad so I haven’t worn makeup in months. I don’t think I will start wearing it full time today. Maybe never, it isn’t comfortable anymore.

Have a great Monday! Its a double Monday , the Monday after a long holiday week , a full moon and a snow maybe moving in. I may need to graduate to 2 cups of coffee a day this week!


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