A morning of expectation

spotted at Home Depot on our visit yesterday

Monday has rushed in. The weekend went by way too fast and here I am shocked that my workweek is going to start soon. I could sit under a quilt and drink coffee for another couple of hours but responsibility calls. And by that I mean I need to get some clean clothes and make myself work ready.

floor mats are ready for the Gym equipment!

Today is a day of expectation! The new week dawns. I am wondering what’s going to happen today. I haven’t looked at my schedule yet and it could be busy. Monday’s usually are. The anticipation of our garage gym being ready for use after months of collecting equipment is here. I am anticipating that we can order our cardio machine this week as we have been on a waiting list and the last thing I am anticipating is delivery and installation of a new stove.

I hope it is not too embarrassing under the old stove as they pull it out to install the new one. I also hope they let me sweep it out at least! We didn’t paint behind the stove or fridge so I hope that the footprint of the new stove doesn’t show that or guess what we will be doing this weekend.

I am anticipating lots of things this week and I hope that all good things come soon! I have been waiting a long time



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