It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I took my longarm to the Lake Michigan side of the state yesterday to drop it off at the repair shop. I was having tension issues and hasn’t been serviced in several years. The day was like a Christmas postcard. In Petoskey it was too foggy to see the big water so we decided to take a drive. We drove to Mackinaw City and looked at the Mackinaw Bridge and took a few photos. I can not leave the beach without looking for one cool rock and I found a fossil! Click on the picture and then swipe on the Instagram post to see all of the pictures.

From the Bridge we decided to take the trip home through the deep forests and back roads that we happen to know. First of all, if you want to try to travel these trips you need to have a way to navigate without GPS or risk getting lost. We know our way and we have a way to check where we are going as it can get tricky in the winter. Secondly, have a four wheel drive vehicle. It is not a place to go with a car in winter and its sketchy for a car in the summer months. It is amazing to go into the deep woods and experience the tranquility of nature.

We didn’t see any animals because it is still hunting season. It didn’t matter the day was lovely, about 31. The snow is just starting to accumilate on the ground and it was sticking to the trees. I enjoyed the afternoon driving home. It isn’t the fastest way but it is definitely the road less taken and a beautiful way to travel. I am watching for the snowy owls, I hear they are back in our area. I love to watch for the Elk and deer as well as other birds. We will see them on another day.

I am going to try this craft by Just Get it Done Quilts today. I think it will be a fun thing to do and it should be an instant gratification project. I have everything I need on hand -fabric, fusible stabilizer, buttons and thread. I printed my template out and I will start as soon as I drink my coffee. Wouldn’t these be pretty as a pin , on a wreath or make into little flowers.

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