Monday, Monday, Christmas Star

I thought I would start my day off with watching something a little Christmassy in the background. I wanted to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. I do love this movie so much. I am going to watch it in several sittings in the mornings while I drink my coffee and prep for the day. It’s one of those old movies that is both heavy and light. Serious and silly but the point to drive home is how a simple, humble person does so much!

Here we go, a lovely three day work week two weeks in a row and then a 4 day weekend for two weeks in a row. I have lots of things to do that will make the time go quickly. I am not sure what we will do besides have our special tall 5 layer Lasagna on Christmas day. We usually watch A Christmas Story, too, and maybe I can get my husband to watch White Christmas.

Great news is today is Solstice! I am so excited to watch a little more daylight come back over the course of the rest of winter. Wow, it has been a long haul of the dark days already. I am going to check on a Solstice tradition today . We have been watching all the newly released Time Team shows on YouTube and many are about the earliest of people. It inspires me to try to imagine their life and how they dealt with the changing of the seasons, the harshness of life yet how they were able to make communities and thrive so long ago. Solstice traditions were very much part of their lives.

The second thing I want to do tonight is look at the “Christmas Star“. Fingers Crossed the cloud cover is not heavy tonight. It has been 800 years since humans have seen it. It is really that Jupiter and Saturn are going to be so close it will look like one huge bright star. There is something magical about thinking that this is something that happens so rarely yet has been observed by so many through the course of time. Let the light shine down on us! We could sure use it as 2020 is winding down this holiday season.

May the Peace, Love and Joy of the Season be yours!


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