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Friday is here and the end of a terrible week. I am embracing all the Hygge that I can get! Candles, check. Heavy, snuggly quilts, check. Comfy pants, check. HOT beverages, check.

I know I am really dating myself by using the phrase TGIF! I even watched a terrible disco movie with the same name and had the theme song. I chuckle now at how stupid that movie was. I have found myself longing for the late 70s and early 80s lately. It was a time of my innocence in life. The world seemed like a simpler place. I don’t think it really was. I don’t think that todays problems are totally special to our time only, there were huge problems back then, too. Things just unfold before our eyes in real time now versus the 6 pm news only. There are no new problems under the sun as they say. What has changed over the years is me. Back then, I was a kid just living life watching cartoons, riding bikes and playing Pong on my Atari. I really had no clue about all of the big problems in the world.

And to be honest, I have learned as an adult I need to set them aside and embrace the hygge. Embrace working on my creative projects, and embrace the precious free time I have before the next week unfolds. Take time to cook a meal , snuggle in my chair and just relax. All this 70s talk and I am craving cheese fondue right now.

I am planning on starting a new scrap quilt next weekend. The Facebook group and I are going to start to pull fabrics for it this weekend. When life gets weird, make a quilt. Feel free to join in, link for the free pattern is below:

Loyal Heights Irish Chain Quilt: A Free Pattern – Simple. Handmade. Everyday. (



  1. I grew up in the 50s and 60s and it was pretty crazy back then too. Both Kennedys, King were killed, segregation was ending. Things were definitely tumultuous. I feel that every generation has seen horrific times. Of course, I’m not a historian or even a history buff, but remembering my past and all that has happened makes me cringe. Of today, sipping my hot coffee camping in a Nevada State Park, I’m content and hope to get a hike in and some knitting done. Didn’t bring any quilting goodies this trip.


    • That’s exactly right about every generation having it’s issues. I am so glad you are camping and getting restorative time with nature! I am hoping to get out and breathe this weekend too. But not camping because it’s too snowy ! Thanks for commenting!


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