Saturday Morning Coffee

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I love the above parody so much. Watch it and then come back because I think my post will make way more sense! I relate to the lyrics in the song. I laughed and it was a great way to chronicle how I felt last week!! Kim has some anxiety issues and she cleans when upset. And wants to clean and redecorate and make things new. And her wanting a new house because she wants a fresh start, yep, get that too! IF you don’t follow follow them, I think you should because it is a light hearted way to share what is happening in the world especially when it all gets so damn heavy.

Here we are Saturday Morning after a week of total craziness. One week into 2021 and already it is worse than all of last year. I also think that my ability to cope with it is down because of the previous year of dealing with the pandemic , isolation from family and friends and NO contact with the outside world except for two occasions: a funeral and a lunch date with friends last summer before it all locked down again. Working from home is great but not having the balance of living in a world outside my house is starting to present itself.

When I think about that , I understand why its been so hard for the last couple of weeks. Why this week was a real tough one. Why I am so outraged and it spills over to a local business having his own “freedom rally ” fundraiser for his defiance to the pandemic Health dept orders. I have talked to the local police, sent emails to all of my elected officials and now it is out of my hands. I pray it doesn’t go bad.

All that to say, I am seeking out and finding ways to laugh. Penn has a great song and I have been humming it for a day. I have been practicing my Zen things like knitting washcloths, long arming free motion motifs and sewing easy quilt blocks. I am contemplating buying a paint by number or a Diamond art paint kit. Zen. And I play meditation music as much as I can as a backdrop to life and when I have a few minutes several times a day I do a deep breathing and relaxing my tight muscles exercise because my neck and shoulders are screaming at me about where I am carrying my stress.

I like this one too:

Today I am raising my positive vibrations in any way I can. I am also going to see family for a socially distanced visit. We need to see each other, take a few things to them and take a few gifts that we weren’t able to mail. I am also going to meditate on all of the good things I encounter over the next two days so it will carry me through this next week. It is going to be a long two weeks , and for those that don’t know on Jan 20 is our inauguration and the new President will officially take over. I hope all of the craziness will stop when the old one leaves office and until then I will work especially hard on self care because who knows what is going to happen in the outside world. I hope NOTHING like this week. I will say that it has been really surreal waking up to history every day for so long.

I hope the sun shines while I am in the car because that would be amazing. I hope to see wildlife on our drive and possibly see a lake . Nature is so grounding.

May your coffee be strong enough for the day ,



  1. Such a great post! You said everything I am feeling right down to the stress in my neck and shoulders. Seeing the country’s divisions play out in our communities has been stressful too. There are businesses and restaurants I will never go to again. I am so disappointed and disgusted.
    Spending time with friends and family through text, Zoom and phone has restored me so much this weekend. I hope you enjoyed your visit with family! I got the first vaccine dose and look forward to climbing out of this Covid black hole. Maybe Spring will be full of new life in many ways. We will keep hoping!


    • It was a great visit. We just had a couple of hours before we had to come home. We also had a bonus of some sunshine on the trip a rare treat in January. I am getting my vaccine this week, too. I am not sure if we will have many things going on but new life is what I am hoping for. I may be able to see a few folks outside if needed. I am planning my garden and a upgrade or two. I am hoping soon to see my grandkids. Lots of great things to look forward to. I hope you have a great week!


  2. Yes self care is esp crucial! I hid out in the sauna to escape for a while and will have to avoid news as much as I can because it is stressful! And I am Canadian…but still it is so hard too what is happening south of the border on top of everything else. Keep taking care of yourself and creating 🥰


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