a simple, slowed down Sunday

Foggy, frosty , grey day yesterday gave way to a sunny glorious day as we drove south to visit family, Seeing the sun, spending time visiting, petting the dog and getting gifts to them felt great. I think it was a good change to our routine, we got out of the house and had some restorative time to help us get through the next week . I love visiting my family so much and seeing the grand dog. She has her own Instagram account and you can follow her here:

I am going to go through my fabrics today and look at stash fabrics to make an Irish Chain quilt and start it next weekend. Members of the My Creative Corner3 Facebook group are going to make it, too. When life gets strange, I say make a quilt! I have not made a scrappy quilt in a long time and I am ready to make one again! Free pattern is below.

I have made at least 6 of Grandmother’s Favorite dish cloths and I have yarn for many, many more. I think it is the perfect little fidget to knit and to reduce nervous energy , and keep my hands busy. I can mindlessly knit them and have a cute functional piece to use and keep the world cleaner, literally, and more “green” because my yard is recycled cotton fibers.

I am continuing to work on my Kinship quilt. I have decided Dear Jane is something to put aside right now as I don’t have the brain space for it. I am not sure where I am going with quilt making but it is going to be a year of where I make things that move me in a given moment. Much like last year.

And I am going to really focus on the notion of Hygge in the home starting today and looking at how I can make things feel more cozy and comfortable. It is not all about decor but it is an attitude of creating a comfy life. And I need that right now. I will be in my cozy cocoon for a while and I want to make the best of it. Here is a great article to explain hygge and some things that we can do to capture the feeling!

Click on any of the pins from Pinterest and you will get more information about the things I wrote about!


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